Our Programs
Join the fun!
Our programs are based on our four core values: Fun, Empowerment, Knowledge, and Support!
Chapter Program:
Our chapter program is a student led club held within schools and community spaces. Chapters focus on the power each individual youth to create a positive change in their community. Chapters meet regularly to complete projects in their schools and learn about the risks of using drugs. Through the chapter program, students find themselves surrounded by peers who support their choice to be substance free and feel empowered to continue to lead a happy and healthy life.
Through an interactive and engaging three hour program, IDFY facilitators lead an assembly of students through a variety of activities and discussions that are designed to draw diverse students together, create conversation, and help students see eye to eye. Once students see eye to eye, they become more compassionate and understanding. i2i culminates in a sense of mutual support, which leads to healthy decision making and positive change. Through i2i, walls between students break down and they become open to succeeding and seeing others succeed.
Idaho Youth Summit:
Idaho Youth Summit is a four day long camp style conference held on lake Coeur d’Alene! Idaho Youth Summit is an experience like no other. From the time you arrive to the moment you leave, you will be surrounded by teens who want to know the true you and adults who want to support you. Not to mention the amazing activities like rock climbing, a cruise on the lake, and talent show.
Youth Vision:
Youth Vision is our social media based campaign focused on debunking the myths of substance use online. Through Youth Vision, teens gain a space where they can feel seen, heard, and understood.